Hey, I'm Jacob, the founder of Knucklehead.

The story starts with a college junior majoring in Film Production but had its roots back in my sophomore year of high school. It was a time when I found myself desperately trying to escape from my circumstances of the projects in Brooklyn. I’d spend countless hours teaching myself to draw through anatomy books, finding refuge at Barnes & Nobles.

On a late train ride back home, I remembered my mom calling me "Knucklehead" as a kid. That sparked a sketch of the Knucklehead character. I became obsessed with creating a brand around this character to show the Knucklehead within all of us, but I didn’t have a penny to my name. The fear of sharing my art with the world, combined with a lack of funds to launch a clothing brand that truly embodied my vision of quality and sustainability, initially held me back from pursuing my dreams... until everything changed.

Years later in college I got the itch again and worked 3 jobs at once over the summer to fund the brand. I’ve poured my heart and soul into turning the vision into reality. And finally, during my sophomore year of college, Knucklehead was born.

Knucklehead is more than just a streetwear brand—it's an entire universe filled with captivating characters, stories, and art. Each design represents a unique character, a reflection of the challenges we face and the strength we find within ourselves to overcome them. From the edgy and relatable protagonist, Knucklehead himself—a symbol of teenage angst and the grit to rise above—to a cast of mesmerizing personalities, such as the villain No Monkey Business and the deity Atlas.

Knucklehead is about building a community—a tribe of Knuckleheads who share a common bond. We are united by our unwavering spirit, our refusal to back down.

So, join us in the Knucklehead universe, where art, fashion, martial arts, and storytelling collide. Together, let's celebrate resilience and authenticity. Let's build a community that uplifts, inspires, and helps one another grow. Welcome to Knucklehead, where dreams take flight, characters come alive, and the community breeds the grit to overcome.